Telstra Insight Academy

April 11, 2022

Winner of the 2017 AITD Excellence Award for Best Use of Technology for Learning

Insight Academy is Telstra’s CFO sponsored Finance and Strategy Program and is designed to help drive better insights across the entire Telstra business when dealing with data.

Initially designed as a two day face to face program, we saw a need to create a digital, self-paced and compact training component that serves both as a refresher for face to face participants, and a complete program for the majority of Finance & Strategy employees who wouldn’t experience the two day face to face course.

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At the core of the self-service mobile app is a chatbot called Larry. Larry provides context and coaching and leads the user through the program to discover content including videos, TED talks, guides, reference points, and activities.

"Seamlessly blending digital and real world using augmented reality and cutting edge technology. "

Upon printing the worksheets, the user is able to use the camera in their device to gain an augmented reality view of the worksheet in which key sections and data are highlighted as they view the page.

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