Mordy Supper Club

April 8, 2022

The Mordy Supper club is a rustic dining hall, bar and functions space in the busy beach suburb of Mordialloc.

The brief: A visual which echoes Mordy Supper Club's unique voice.

The Mordy Supper Club is feet up and friendly service with a sense of community. It’s the favourite watering hole for locals, tucked away from plain sight and inspiring the imagination and motivation of like-minded people to follow their hearts and youthful desires.

It’s a nostalgic, social hub with a homely feeling for the suburban bohemian in a fun and eclectic sanctuary. The Supper Club is so much more than meets the eye, if you’re in the know.  

Combining an artistic and creative hub with a selection of simple but ruthlessly scrutinized foods and great drinks, the Supper Club focuses on fresh and organic local ingredients. It’s a childish experience, more about eating rather than dining.

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