Take 40

April 8, 2022

Broadcast nationally each week to over 1.2 million listeners, Take 40 is the country's most listened to weekly music radio programme and consistently the nation’s #1 music website.

The brief: create a new logo and visual style for Take 40,
one that reflects the new positioning and brand essence
'The Music Pulse of Australia'.</div>

The Take 40 audience crave big hits, big news and big prizes. They are fun-loving escapists
who are consuming 25 fresh pieces of content everyday, checking the chart throughout the
week and love to chat around event TV and artist and tour info.

The Take40 brand was in need of a refresh to reflect the dynamic, on-trend content the brand creates/broadcasts to this audience.

Variations of the new brand were used for

Setting the tone and the style of the whole website and mobile applications

Event signage
Large or small, dark or light e.g. pull up banners, photo walls, digital screens

When Take 40 is the sponsor of an external event – i.e., a presenting partner on a tour poster, one of several sponsors on event signage/tickets/promo websites/video straps/mic blocks

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